Wall Street Executive

Wall Street Executive


From Morgan Stanley to Carlyle and beyond

Using computers to understand and trade in financial markets has been the cornerstone of my career for three decades.

Morgan Stanley and PDT

In 1994, I joined MS and worked on the Japanese Warrant trading desk in London. Shortly thereafter, I joined a newly formed group in New York called Process Driven Trading which is now PDT Partners.

That was such a great learning experience and a book was written partly about us. You can read about my small part in it, and most certainly, I didn’t almost destroy Wall Street - but I did shake it up punk rock style as you will see.


OKLO and Carlyle

After leaving MS, I created a quantitative asset management company in 2001, called OKLO Financial.

In 2012, I sold the company to The Carlyle Group (Check out this link and search for the word OKLO.)

I became a Managing Director at Carlyle. I am much not one for titles, but this was a pretty impressive one by Wall Street standards. I am quite proud of it.

Portman Square Capital

I am currently the Head of Research at PSC, a London-based hedge fund. My work involves processing and visualizing data, and finding solutions in the derivatives markets using advanced tools. I take great joy in my work - it's what I love to do. My job involves gathering data, using computers to analyze it, and trading based on that analysis.

A few of my favorite tools

For organizing my mind


For visualizing data and drilling into it


Building LLM Apps


For backtesting trading strategies


For super fun Machine Learning


For a data science workspace


And The Future?

I'm not referring to my future employment here. Rather, I'm excited to see how AI and other advanced tools will reshape the landscape of quantitative finance in the very near future. The world will change in the blink of an eye.