Jaipal K. Tuttle, PhD

Jaipal K. Tuttle, PhD

Dear Friends,

I am here to motivate you to dream the impossible and then do it! I do some pretty unusual stuff so I know it’s possible. Always believe you can do anything and never give up!!! Share your dreams and passions and help others.

Before discussing my unusual life this is what I want written on my gravestone.

Jaipal was passionate about philanthropy. He had a preference for direct-action projects. He helped artists, athletes, students, those in clear need, random people he met, veterans, animals, addicts, groups with atypical identities, people with high-risk lifestyles, and most importantly, the illiterate. He always taught that starting small had an impact and he always stopped to pick up broken glass wherever he found it because someone could get cut.

Some things I have accomplished (so far 😀)

  • A wild punk rocker in the 1970s who auditioned for the band Ministry and thankfully didn’t get the job.
  • Completed a PhD in Theoretical Physics while specializing in evaporating black hole solutions in superstring theory while working with one of the most famous physicists in the last century - Leonard Susskind. Schools were Berkeley, Yale, Santa Cruz, Stanford.
  • Fluent in three dialects of Vietnamese ❤️🗣🇻🇳
  • Literate in both Vietnamese and Khmer
  • A professional singer specialized in singing Mekong Delta folk songs (vong co) ❤️🎙🇻🇳
  • A popular singer specialized in 1,500 year old Khmer ritual singing ❤️🎙🇰🇭
  • An expert in 19th century Vietnamese classic Truyen Kieu
  • 30 years of experience in Quantitative Finance 💻📈
  • Utilize AI, advanced data visualization, personal knowledge management to solve complex problems for a hedge fund 🤖🧠👀
  • Becoming a social media phenom on multiple channels in multiple languages with millions of views in each
  • A film photographer in Vietnam and Cambodia during 1998 -2001
  • Being an old man fashion model
  • Became a Managing Director at an elite Private Equity firm - Carlyle
  • Competed as a professional athlete and windsurfed some of the biggest waves imaginable on the North Shore of Maui - Hookipa
  • Being a pioneer sailor along the super windy coastline of Vietnam
  • Still an elite athlete at age 61

What are my next challenges?

  • To become a classical Khmer mask dancer ← check the link. It’s wild stuff.
  • To wield ancient Khmer weapons like swords and axes.
  • To keep singing Golden Era hits and obscurities ❤️🇰🇭
More importantly, I aim to use the remaining years of my life to help others learn to read and write. This tremendously changes the lives of those who otherwise have dim hopes and few prospects. If you live anywhere and you are illiterate you are at a huge disadvantage. If you live in a developing country and are illiterate you are even more disadvantaged. If you are an illiterate female in a developing country you are basically a slave. Literacy Is Freedom

I wish you a lifelong pursuit of challenges that may seem unattainable at first, but are ultimately conquer by you through sheer will, perseverance, and possibly thousands of hours of hard work. It’s not always necessary to strive at being the best - just your best.

- JT ☮️ ❤️🙏 2023

Different aspects of my life

I have experienced many successes, and I have never given up on anything I truly wanted to achieve. Sometimes setbacks are necessary to refocus your attention and work even harder towards your goals.

Sometimes, setbacks can be the best thing that ever happened to you.

I have experienced many disappointments and made mistakes in my life. However, I have always learned from those experiences and made positive changes as a result. So maybe they were not so negative after all.

Never let mistakes or disappointments hurt you. Learn from them and improve yourself.